Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Guide Through the Forest

As part of my New Years resolution, I'm hoping to make at least one blog post a week. I have gathered a lot of information about Mori Girl style through magazines and online, so I need a way to organize and present it in a clear way. I'm hoping it will help me develop my style more and maybe help others like me. So far, I have categories such as reoccurring motifs (stripes, dots, animals, etc), Japanese/western brands (Japanese items and their western counterparts), types of styles (over-the-top, boyish, sailor, etc.), lifestyle, and posts focusing on one brand. I'm going to shoot for posting every Tuesday evening using the rest of the week to prepare for it. Are there any Mori Girl subjects you would like to see?

Monday, April 11, 2011


While shopping at a vintage store one day, my friend and I got into a discussion about handkerchiefs. I appreciate how beautiful they are but couldn't think of a use for them without ruining them. I just don't have the heart to blow my nose with a gorgeous handkerchief. Weeks later, I figured out that I can use them to keep crumbs off my lap during lunch at work. I now have two hankies, a My Melody one from Sanrio for everyday and an Innocent World floral one for when I'm in lolita. They just make a simple meal seem more decadent. I hope to get one from Alice and the Pirates one day with one of their illustrations.

I placed my reservation for the Time of the Roses jsk through Tokyo Rebel. I'm still waiting to hear if the order went through but the process was pretty simple. It's a great alternative since the San Francisco Baby store doesn't take online reservations. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time of the Roses

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Alice & the Pirates

I love the music in these videos. It went so well with the clothes. I also loved how they used unexpected colors for the blouses to bring out the details in the prints.

Ever since I saw these videos, I've been in love with this dress. It's called the Time of the Roses JSK and it has beautiful rose and clock stripes.

Lovely waistband

Rose on bow

Pattern detail

It's the finale dress worn by Misako Aoki. She made such a lovely pirate bride! I love how it was paired with a pink blouse and tricorn hat with a veil. The clocks in the pattern add a steampunk element. It comes in two JSK styles and an OP in several colors but I'm leaning toward toward the ivory JSK I version that was seen in the video The reserves are coming up in a couple of days so I hope I can get one.